The Danger of Science

This art piece was inspired from the conversations that we had during the second unit in which we talked about conceptual schemes, paradigm shifts, and how these topics are related to the scientific revolution. When I created this image, I was thinking about how originally, people used science to understand the world around them, challenging current beliefs and finding ways to find new ways of understanding. As the world, and science, has progressed and modernized, a lot of our technology and scientific advances have become weaponized. The focus shifted from learning about the world, to finding ways to destroy the world and our enemies. 

In the image itself, I chose to use a flintlock pistol, an antiquated form of technology which became the basis for modern firearms. Using this as my foundation for my image, I then went on to think of a way to tie science and modern technology with the old “modern technology.” Thinking of the images in which someone fires a pistol where a flag comes out the barrel spelling out “BANG,” I decided to take a walk through Wall, looking for ways to make something scientific come out of the barrel of the pistol. It was then that I found an Erlenmeyer Flask containing several long test tubes, the perfect candidate for what I needed! 

In Photoshop, I decided to use the neck of the flask to end the barrel of the gun, creating a seamless transition between the pistol and the test tubes. It was the the pistol itself that was lethally firing out test tubes as if they were ammunition, hitting everything in its path.